Canal Cruising is a Great Introduction to Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of the cities in the world that you could travel through a canal system. The canal system is interconnected, so you could sail your way to view the whole city. This way of traveling in Amsterdam is dated back since the Golden Age. It became a tradition and one of the major attractions in Amsterdam.

A Sweet Recollection of History

hollandAs you sail through the canal, you cannot help but feel the ways of the past. The old fashioned houses, old churches, and classic bridges got their own story. If you have a good tour guide, he or she will tell you about the stories that only the locals know. It’s hard to think about how you will save money on electronics when you grasp what the city is trying to tell you. It has a bittersweet touch to it. But we’ll stop here, so we won’t spoil the fun that awaits you.

Squeeze Side Trips in Your Canal Cruising Tour

Another advantage of choosing canal cruising is the flexibility it offers. You can literally squeeze multiple side trips in your tour. It depends on the boating company you hired for this tour. Side trips are quite common for tours like this, make sure that you hire a good boating company who is knowledgeable about the city. He could take you to unconventional places that mostly locals only would know.


Use Boats as Transportation

Even if you are not in the mood for cruising, you can make boats as a way of transport. These canals can take you anywhere in the city just like traveling by land. It’s just going to be more relaxed and practical especially nowadays where traffic seems to be inevitable. Another huge factor to consider is the discount that comes with it. The locals exhaust these boats as a means of transport because traveling by the canal is convenient and relatively faster.